Exhaust Repair in Decatur

You may not realize it but your exhaust might be the most important part of your car. While it may not keep you moving forward or steer you in the right direction, the exhaust and muffler systems prevent dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide from entering your vehicle.

Over time, Decatur climate and road conditions can cause the exhaust to break or wear down. To protect your vehicle’s integrity as well as your well-being, bring it in to Signature Automotive Specialist LLC. Our team of trustworthy and professional mechanics are guaranteed to diagnose the issue and provide all the necessary service so you can get back on the road with the peace of mind that you’re not about to fail an emissions test.

Call Signature Automotive Specialist LLC today to schedule an appointment so we can begin assessing your exhaust.

Warning Signs Your Exhaust and Muffler Need Repairs

If your exhaust or muffler is damaged, it can seriously decrease the efficiency of your vehicle as well as put your health at risk. Here are some telltale signs that you need to get some repairs on your exhaust and muffler to bring it back to peak efficiency:

  • The vehicle makes louder noises than usual
  • Fuel consumption increases / Lack of performance is noticeable
  • Rust is visible on the exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust system rattles noticeably
  • Unusual smell or burning odor

If these symptoms are prevalent in your vehicle, there may be an exhaust leak due to corrosion.

Another telltale sign to look out for is noise. If your vehicle is noticeably louder than it’s been, then there might be a problem with your exhaust. An engine leak at the manifold greatly increases the engine’s volume as well as the possibility to allow dangerous fumes to waft into the cabin. Odd vibrations in the steering wheel or gas pedals are also signs that you are leaking exhaust. If the problem is serious enough, you may feel the entire vehicle shake.

These aren’t just road-safety issues, they are health issues. Contact one of our mechanics today if you think there is a problem with your exhaust.

Repairing the Exhaust Yourself

A quick Google search will reveal that there is no shortage of DIY solutions for a broken exhaust. Many of them state that your car can be repaired with as little as tape or a tin can.

Can you really repair an exhaust pipe with a bit of tape and a tin can? Well…you can tape a tin can to your exhaust but you can hardly call that a repair. The only instance where this can pass for an adequate repair is if you don’t care about inhaling toxic fumes or Decatur’s atmosphere.

If you don’t want to risk your health and safety, schedule an appointment with one of Signature Automotive Specialist LLC’s trusted Decatur mechanics. When you do, you can breathe easy knowing that our solution is a lot more technical and proven than the tin-can and tape technique. Call us today to find out more about we can do for your vehicle.